Development work areas

ARSDA pursues development programs in the following areas with the approval of the Tanzanian Regional Commissioner to extend partnership working on suitable development projects with District Authorities in the Region:

Title Details
Environmental Conservation

To identify and promote alternative energy and renewable resources to reduce the widespread reliance on timber and charcoal fuel that is causing significant depletion of natural woodland. Introduce reforestation and implement managed, sustainable use of woodland resources. To promote environmental conservation and awareness through education and by conservation of natural habitats.

Health and Education

To provide health education to combat the present threats posed by HIV/AIDS, Malaria, T.B and Hansen’s disease (Leprosy). Promote education in pre and post natal care for women and children. To protect the safety of drinking water supplies and proper sanitation in rural areas and work in partnership with the Health Authorities on health development strategies.

Initiatives for vulnerable groups

To mobilize unemployed and underemployed impoverished people to engage in sustainable socio-economic activities through vocational skills training and small business opportunities. Examples include teaching to pre school orphans, vocational training in carpentry, auto mechanics and tailoring. Our future objective is to provide a community centre for disadvantaged groups.

Sustainable agriculture

To promote organic farming methods and instruct the community on sustainable land use. ARSDA is developing the cultivation of cash crops to raise income to support community development initiatives and has a nursery to grow seedlings to facilitate reforestation programs.